Schizopolis by FZ

Schizopolis (1996) audio track

It might've been a dream, but... I'm pretty sure I saw the movie poster for SCHIZOPOLIS in somebody's house once. A near stranger's house. Like, when you're a teenager and you just go wherever hoping to do drugs or get drunk. It stuck in my mind. I don't know why. Maybe I spent hours stoned out of my mind in some weirdos house and just stared at it a lot. Well, anyhow, about ten years later the neighborhood video store was having a going-out-of-business sale. I got it on vhs for a dollar. This was back in 2005 or 2006.

I was living in a pretty nice apartment in Sugarhouse near 13th East and 21st South. I'd gotten rid of my car ‘cause I couldn't really afford to insure it and, fuck, I didn't have insurance. There was a period of time, in the summer, that I got stoned a fell asleep watching SCHIZOPOLIS almost every fucking day. It's an amazing movie. I fucked up and loaned it to Jimmy (Alanja's ex-husband - Ed) and didn't get it back before moving to New Jersey.

Before finding a place in NJ I spent about two and a half months living with my family in Allentown. Met up with DL in NYC one time and scored the fancy fucking criterion dvd version. It has, and I quote, "Two audio commentaries: the first features Steven Soderbergh interviewing himself; the second includes producer John Hardy, actor and casting director David Jensen, actor Mike Malone, and production sound mixer Paul Ledford." A fucking bargain. Watched it all three ways a dozen times or so before finally getting to Englewood.

Failed to get my treasured VHS copy back from Jimmy after moving back to SLC.

I distinctly remember thinking on those long late East coast bus rides, "I wish I was listening to SCIZOPOLIS right now." All the dialogue is magnificent and the music takes my breathe away. Cliff Martinez composed it. Just sensational stuff, I tell ya! So, years later, I ripped the audio and put it on soundcloud.

I leave you the way SCHIZOPOLIS leaves ya:

"In three years, I am hired by an

ad agency for a lot of money to write copy...

for their biggest client...

a cellular phone company.

In five years, my wife leaves me

for someone smarter, handsomer...

and more emotionally


In eight years, after getting drunk at a friend's

wedding reception in Anchorage, Alaska...

I fall asleep in a snowdrift

while walking back to my hotel.

I'm discovered the following

spring and successfully thawed.

Until then, I wait.

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