Blue32 music video

"My doctor says I've got March madness, so he upped my dosage of Hypnocil. I was pretty damn medicated when we worked on this song. Seemed like DL came into the studio with most of the lyrics and a few good noise concepts and then we were being wined and dined by all these college football scouts. They wanted Johnny Football. They wanted him badly. Freddy almost got me once or twice and then we were back in the studio and Kevin was spitting bars. I poured some beer in my hair, cut up a few lines of nuke, ordered a grand slam at Denny's, and then loudly proclaimed to all within earshot - 'We've got another hit on our hands, motherfuckers!'" - FZ

"I played a lot of football in high school - still do as part of various charity events around the country. The one thing I learned in all that time is that it donesn't matter how good you are, sometimes even Johnny Football can lose." - DL

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