Corpsefuck*r music video

About Corpsefuck*r

From FZ:

People are always asking if our songs are based on true events. So, before you ask... No, I've never fucked a corpse. I was born a virgin and I'll die a virgin, just like my father before me.

All SPR3 songs can be divided into three categories. There are the DoomLazer solo numbers. My stag routines. And best of all, our collaborative disasters. This specimen belongs to that latter camp and it is an ill-equipped settlement at that. Just a trash can fire and some cheap booze. I struck 1st. Pounding. What DL added next, I cannot recall. It went on and on, back and forth, until it had a mind of it's own. Being of sound mind, it took stock, and determined that it was done with us.

The day turned into fright and weeks passed like gas in an elevator stuck between floors. I disembarked and saw the world. I also saw the sequel. DoomLazer, however, was a man possessed. He was determined to make a music video for "Corpse Fuck*r." One that would overwhelm the senses like poetry read aloud at the hallmark store. I do not believe that a reasonable person can have any doubt that he reached, breeched, and leached his lofty ambitions. Truly, this video is an unparalleled triumph.

Dictated not bred,
FZ 6/22/21

From DL:

If you don't already know, there is a surealist drawing game called Exquisite corpse where people take turns adding to an image one piece at a time. This song was loosely adapted from that process. It's a pretty fun way to collab on a song without much thought to the content or theme - things just evolve on their own.

The video was also begun with little thought to the eventual outcome. It started with a time lapse video of Wrinkles next to the window. Then I just pilled as much on top of that as I could. Does it make for a great music video? IDK, I blamed the whole thing on Wrinkles, so it's her problem now.