Desperatly music video

"This song is a bit psychotic. I love the sounds and the video. It's a great time capsule of the house we rented back in 2003 to 2005 or so. It's not just one of the first SPR3 songs that DL & I worked on together, I think "TV Tells Me (I Wanna Die)" might predate it, but it also expanded our sonic palate quite a bit. Previously not only were vocals rare from either of us, but the vast majority of the soundscapes were samples or computer generated beats. The part that's a bit off, to be generous, are the lyrics. They are 100 percent excerpts from e-mails I had gotten from a romantic partner. The song was made after I'd been kicked to the curb, as they say. We write a lot of dumb lyrics, but every time I listen to this golden oldie I feel like explaining to the empty room that those are somebody else's words. Does it make it better or worse? Does it matter? Not really. Wish me luck getting to sleep." - FZ

"The song was created by filming the instruments and vocals back-to-back with a single unrehearsed take for each part, then edited together as a video. It features a bagpipe reed, yuke, a pan with some water in it and the vocal stylings of FZ! It was covered several years later by the band Electro Fox." -DL


Desperately (cover) by Electro Fox