Dream Woman music video

"I think I wrote the all the lyrics for this one including FZ & Kevin's parts. The song's gimmic is obviously a pun - a sureal nonsense creature rather than the sterotypical lust for an objectified woman. Beneath that facade, the song is really about the ceaseless misery of being alive; praying endlessly for death, but knowing it will never come (at least not anytime soon). It's about living devoid of hope for years on end. Thinking things can't get any worse, but knowing they certainly will. While FZ & Kevin's lines were written down ahead of time, the "brighter side" and "little things" lyrics were improvised without any planning and done in one take each. It probably isn't immediately apparent, but the intent was to mock the optimism of those around me and covertly wallow in my deisre to die as soon as possible but being unable to self-terminate. I recall needing to cut out some lyrics to better hide the underlying despair of the song. FZ did the music video." -DL

"To sleep, perchance to scream." - FZ

Dream Woman MP3

Dream Woman (Dragged Vocal Mix) by Cumsleg Borenail
released on the compilation album Vaporized.