Firestorm3000 music video

From DL:

Sometime around 2005 we found a perfectly good window just lying in the sidewalk of a Sugarhouse neighborhood. We dragged it home and turned it into a table with some cinderblocks. A few weeks later someone left behind a can of starter fluid at the house.

Firestorm3000 was never really considered an offical SPR3 song. It was made specifically for the music video, so it doesn't show up in any of playlists.

From FZ:

I'd seen a stuntman on tv explain how they did fire shit. Easy enough. I'm wearing a t-shirt. And a sweatshirt that has been completely submerged and soaked. Also, a levi jacket.

We had starter fluid for the potato gun.

I had the impression the soundtrack was by aphex twin.

Dictated not bred,
FZ 7/10/21