Haul My Ashes music video

"I was overjoyed to discover this fantastic phrase whilst reading a comic book. To haul one's ashes is to 'engage in sexual activity, especially intercourse; to achieve sexual release or gratification' according to the internet dot biz or wherever. I wrote some amazing lyrics, performed them with gusto, and then went to work wiggling knobs and pulling miscellaneous levers. Soon, the song was good. But, it wasn't great. I sent what I had to DL and he went forth to flip it, reverse it, and take it to the next level. That explains the sensational song. As for the video, I think I was blacked out drunk and DL did all the hard work." - FZ

"If FZ did most of the song, I guess I did most of the video. Though we both worked on each. I used (without permission) an old Steve Jerman video of FZ and added a bunch of wacky effects. The SPR3 gets paid by the video, which is why we make so many." - DL

Haul My Ashes MP3