Trauma Sturgeon music video

This song features quite possibly the greatest lyrics I've ever written. We've all seen some trauma kicking around on this fucked up planet and, golly, sometimes it can feel a bit hopeless. But, remember, just because Trauma Sturgeon isn't real doesn't mean he can't heal a wounded soul.

"Swimming around with a stethoscope
Trauma Sturgeon! Trauma Sturgeon!
Just when you think that you're out of hope

Trauma Sturgeon! Trauma Sturgeon!

He got his Phd under the sea

And he's a friend to you and me

He's animated by a live studio audience

Trauma Sturgeon! Trauma Sturgeon!

The definition of medical competence

Trauma Sturgeon! Trauma Sturgeon!

You should never miss an episode

Check your ray of the cathode

He'll take your insurance regardless of your coherence

He's a motherfuckin' Trauma Sturgeon

- FZ

"I added the skit to this song obivously. Originaly it was much longer, but I cut it down because it was boring and took away focus from the dopeness FZ created. I also added some samples to the song; mostly FZ lyrics slowed down as is my wont. That scream is Worf when his wife died. I like FZ's videos because they always do something different then I would have done and I learn something from them." - DL

Trauma Sturgeon MP3