GutterSpeak (feat. Nicholas Anton) music video 2019

Collaborative songs are hard to pull off. Everybody needs to be feeling the same vibe, dig? The secret to my artistic partnership with DL can be boiled down to the fact that we are usually on the same wavelength.

A few words on Mr Nicholas Anton ( @DrFinchler on twitter) - If I recall correctly he was the drummer in the band that, without the venue's permission, let The SPR3 open for them at Kilby Court. Also he made a song out of me talking about "Therapy" that was on "The CD of the Obscuro." So, ya know, we go back.

These damn social media web sites have a lot of downsides, but every once in a while they pay off. You can skip town, throw your phone in the ocean, go hermit for awhile, and when you pop your head back up ya can reconnect with a few of the old beetlebums.

Anton started posting new music on soundcloud and it was pretty darn spiffy. This was back in 2016. I told him I wanted him to help me make a song called "GutterSpeak." A term I'd fashioned that is quite useful when yer being a condescending asshole. He was hip, I tell ya. He dug the scene six feet deep!

I was merely a conduit for MotherCat when I typed the lyrics and my breath could melt steel beams when I recorded them! In less than a week's time he took my misanthropic mutterings and produced a god damn hit!

Check out more of his swell musical stylings right here

GutterSpeak (feat. Nicholas Anton) 2016