Mothercat music video

:VH1 Presents: MotherCat: Behind The Scenes by FZ

I was walking home from work whilst rocking out to mp3s via my 30 gig Zune. Damn, I loved that thing. I spent forever and a day ripping all my CDs loading them on the damn thing. Combine that shit with my collection of illegally downloaded whatnot and that motherfucker was a delight set on shuffle. Ever hear Warren Zevon's version of "Knocking on Heaven's Door" ? Well, that recording inspired me.

When I got home, I got to work. There was boozing and lyric writing to be done. Mnemosyne's daughters were on fire that night. My poetry required noise. I fucked around with Fruity Loops. I only had the free demo version though. Luckily, I was drunk as hell. I used my camcorder to record the loops. It's battery was kinda fucked so it was plugged in and playing the noise whilst recording it. Hence the delightful feedback shit. It needed a certain, how do you say, je ne sais quoi. I recorded some random blues off krcl and the results were fucking magnificent.

Must've e-mailed "MotherCat" to DL. Might've posted it to The SPR3's myspace page. Maybe both! Well, it was a graveyard smash. DL paid my creation the highest honor by putting his blood, sweat, tears, and god knows what else into a music video! If we only had some of the old timey 1950s payola money sitting around it probably would've gone straight to the top of the charts! Could've met Carson Daly and achieved all my other moonage daydreams too! Alas, 'twas not to be.